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Ph. D. (1990, with Distinction) European Studies and International Relations, SAIS, the Johns Hopkins University, Washington D.C., USA;

Ph. D. Dissertation: Recasting the Imperial Far East, Britain and America in China (1945-1950);

Ph. D. Dissertation Supervisor: Professor David Calleo, Dean Acheson Professor and University Professor, Director of European Studies, SAIS

M.A. (1985) European Studies and International Relations, School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), the Johns Hopkins University, Washington D.C., USA;

B.A. (1982) International Politics, Fudan University, Shanghai, China.



Professor (tenured, since October 1996), Department of International History, The Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva, Switzerland;

Associate Professor (1995-1996, Advanced promotion), Department of Political Science, Clemson University, South Carolina, USA;

Assistant Professor (1991-1995), Department of Political Science, Clemson University, South Carolina, USA.

Center of One Belt and One Road Security Studies
China National Institute for SCO International Exchange and Judicial
Cooperation. Shanghai, PRC

Director, the Trilateral Forum, established in Geneva as part of the Special Programs at the Graduate Institute of International Studies. Sponsor rotating between Geneva, Shanghai and New York., with joint partnership between National Intelligence Council, USA, HEI (Geneva), IISS (London).This is to be a policy think tank focused on mid and long-term China forecast.

Fudan Chair of International Relations, Fudan University, Shanghai, (starting June 2007)

CFAU Advisory Chair, Chinese University of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Beijing (starting September 2007)

Zijiang Chair 2000-2007), and Chairman of the Board (since 2004), School of Advanced International and Area Studies (SAIAS), East China Normal University, Shanghai, China Director, Center for European Studies (2004-2007), (an EU-supported research center), East China Normal University, Shanghai

 Visiting Professor, Senior Officer Class (Colonel and above) NATO Defense College (1997-2003), Rome, Italy

 Visiting Professor, National University of Singapore, Fall 1996, Singapore

Contributing Editor, Survival, IISS, London

Columnist, Global Times, Beijing

Columnist, South China Morning Post, Hong Kong



The Third Henry A. Kissinger Chair of Foreign Policy and International Relations, The John Kluge Center for Scholars, Library of Congress, USA, 2003-2004.

Winner of a major three-year Grant (200,000 RMB) for Studying Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), Ministry of Education, China

Invited Non-Governmental Delegate, IISS Shangri-la Security Dialogue, Singapore, June 2005, June 2006 and June 2007

National Endowment of Humanities Special Grant for Studying Chinese Military History, 1993

Senior Fellow, Transatlantic Academy at the German Marshall Fund, Washington DC, 2013-14)

The John M. Olin Fellow of International Strategy and Military History (1992-1993, on leave from Clemson University), International Security Program, Yale University;

Project: The Origins of the Boxer War (published in 2003, Taylor Francis, London)

Supervised by Professor Paul M. Kennedy

 John T. McArthur Postdoctoral Fellow (1990) at the Peace Research Institute in Frankfurt, Germany,

Project: The International Implications of German Unification

 Harry S Truman Fellowship (1988-1989), Truman Presidential Library, Independence, Missouri,

Project: Anglo-American Relations in China during the Truman Administration

Research Fellowship (1985), Bologna, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy;


Other Activities

Foreign Policy Consultant

Contributing Editor: Survival, IISS London

General Editor, Great Western Minds on International Affairs Series, ECNU Press, Shanghai;

Six Books are in the process of translation and editing.

Member, International Institute of Strategic Studies, London;

Member, Editorial Board, Foreign Policy Bulletin, Cambridge University Press

External Associate Member, Cold War Study Center, London School of Economics;



-Republic without Plebiscite: China’s Legitimacy Crisis, , manuscript completed, under review for publication.

-Tradition and Chinese Foreign Relations (Chuantong yu Duiwai guanxi), August 2007, Sanlian Press, Beijing (Sanlian is the best academic publisher in China)

-The Origins of the Boxer War-a Multinational Study (Taylor Francis, London 2003)

This book was translated into Chinese (ECNU Press, Shanghai, 2004) and the Chinese version entered the National Chinese Book Award  as a finalist (The Global Chinese Language Book Award, Beijing, March 2005)

-Mao’s Generals (Lanham, MD, 1998)

-Recasting the Imperial Far East: Britain and America in China, 1945-1950 (M.E. Sharpe: Armonk, NY, 1995)


Co-Authored Books:


-The Age of Transition, with Feng Shaolei, 5 volumes, (Shanghai People’s Press, 2005)

Putin Diplomacy, with Feng Shaolei (Shanghai People’s Press, 2004)

-Chinese Americans—the History of Tears and Joy, co-authored with Wang Mingxia, Shanghai People’s Press, 1981 (Selected as one of the Ten Best Books for Young People, 1982)


Translated Books,

-Annihilation from Within, by Fred Ikle,  2008

-Mapping Global Trend, NIC 2020, Shanghai, 2007, selected Best 100 National Books, 2007, a best-seller

-David Calleo, Rethinking Europe’s Future (Princeton University Press, 2002), Shanghai People’s Press, 2004

-Robert Skidelsky, John Maynard Keynes (Macmillan, 2004), Sanlian Press, 2005, Beijing, winner, best book for First Chinese Government Book Award, 2007, a best-seller


Contributing chapters:


“Issues of Regional Security in East Asia”, in Regional Security in Asian Pacific, ed. by Australia Strategic Policy Institute, Canberra, January 2006

“The New Nuclear Question and Regional Security”, in India and France in a Multipolar World, Manohar Press, New Delhi, 2001

“Future of the European Political Integration” in International Politics and System Changes, ed., by Feng Shaolei, Beijing, Sanlian Press, 2001

“The Europe Union after the Cold War”, in System Change and International Relations, Beijing, International Culture Press, 1999

“The irrelevance of Chinese Foreign Policy”, in Thomas Row ed., The Identity of Europe, Bologna, 1996


Articles (selected)

China und Europa haben die Chance, auf gleicher Augenhöhe zu verkehren,Der Tagesspielgel, Berlin, May 15, 2007

Misreading China?  Europe’s World, Brussels, June, 2006;

Why Washington Can’t Speak Chinese, Editorial, Appril 16, 2006, Washington Post

US-China Ideological Fight, East China Morning News (Editorial), Shanghai, January 6, 2006;

How to Reduce Tension between China and Japan, United Morning News, Singapore, December 8, 2005;

How to Evaluate Bush’s Visit to Europe? East China Morning News, May 17, 2005, Shanghai;

Traumatic Legacy: An Exchange with Akira Chiba, Deputy Spokesman of the Japanese Foreign Office, Survival, London (IISS), June, 2005;

China’s Eurasian experiment, Survival, London June, 2004;

Peaceful Rise and Geopolitics, East China Morning News, May 12, 2003;

American Allies and the National Missile Defence, Jiefang Daily, August 5, 2002, Shanghai;

Washington’s Misguided China Policy, and A Response from David Shambaugh, Survival, August, 2001;

EU and China : A Common Strategy? International Spectator, Rome, Italy, November 2001;

La China et WTO, editorial, Tribune de Geneva, July 6, 2000;

China Debate and Civilization Debate, in Issues and Studies, Special Issue, 1998, Taipei

Fin de Siecle Hong Kong: The Patten Controversy, SAIS Review, June 1993

Fin de Siecle Beijing, Economic nationalism and Political Inertia, in Communist and Post Communist Studies, UCLA, March 1993

Is Germany in the West or in Central Europe? Orbis (Philadelphia), June, 1992

The Recognition Controversy, Journal of Contemporary History (London), April, 1992