How to clean green swimming pools: 3 hacks to keep them from smelling and rusting

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It’s not just cars and tractors that need cleaning: Your pool, too, needs a yearly or bi-annual deep-clean.

We’ve found the best ways to clean your pool, from a simple DIY to a professional-level chemical treatment. Just make sure you know what you’re doing and follow the manufacturer’s instructions — don’t go crazy with your cleaning agents, and be careful with the chemicals.

Electric vs. manual pool cleaners

Electric pool cleaners can be the least expensive option, with the downside of being labor-intensive. You’ll need to charge the internal battery, empty the dirt bags and change out the liner bag. (You can do this without ever going near the pool itself, using your vacuum.) To be safe, you should leave the cleaner attached to the pool unless you’re standing right over the drain, where you’ll want it to spray at the same time. In our tests, we found that using a battery-powered pool cleaner gave us the

Most of the time, they look clean, but what’s going on under the surface when you go swimming in a municipal pool or in a resort’s private pool? If you want to make your pool and spa shine and feel clean as new, don’t wait until summer. Take action today. Check these Swimming Pool services

Not taking care of a pool or spa when it isn’t the busiest time of year—the months between Memorial Day and Labor Day—is like leaving a car without oil or coolant during the coldest days of winter, when it’s the hardest to get to, or leaving a kitchen without any food at all. You’ll damage the performance and leave money on the table.

Spas are prone to algae growth, too. Here are some tips for keeping clean.

— When is it best to clean a pool?

To avoid getting too deep into the sticky green slime, do a water change right after you finish swimming, a few weeks after a pool or spa has been cleaned. If you’ve waited longer than that, things may start to grow. You’re also wasting the time and effort of a professional. You need to

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