DuPont, Teflon as well as the possible impact of a class action lawsuit.


In the 1930’s DuPont, a UNITED STATE company, developed and also began to market a material called Teflon. Teflon is made use of today largely as a non-stick coating for pots, pans and other cookware, though Teflon also has applications as a finish for fabric based products such as clothes, garments, carpets and furnishings. When producing Teflon a chemical called perfluorooctanioc acid, or PFOA is made use of, though Teflon as well as PFOA are not the very same– PFOA is a chemical, Teflon is a name brand name. This chemical, which some researcher have claimed is a most likely human health hazard, is the reason lawsuits have actually been filed.


The United States Environmental Protection Agency addresses PFOA, or “C8” as it is often called, providing specific focus to its potential unsafe impacts. The EPA points out that they are not aware of any type of info that the general public is being exposed to PFOA with the regular use of non-stick cookware. The website also claims that the EPA recognizes of no factor for consumers to quit making use of non-stick kitchenware. The EPA mentions that Teflon is not PFOA, yet that PFOA is used in the manufacture of Teflon.

DuPont additionally rejects the claims that Teflon or the PFOA included in the Teflon causes cancer, saying that their product is risk-free. Nonetheless, in 2004, DuPont did consent to an out of court settlement in a class action suit brought on behalf of roughly 50,000 citizens living near a DuPont plant in West Virginia. The basis of this class action was that DuPont had polluted the water in the Ohio River south of their plant with PFOA and that this had actually resulted in abnormality and also various other hazards, though DuPont confessed no responsibility in resolving this match. Given the resolution of this class action, it is not shocking that attention has now been concentrated on Teflon and also the PFOA consisted of within it.

The primary outcome has actually been that a number of legal actions have actually been filed across the United States affirming that DuPont failed to effectively warn of the possible dangers of the direct exposure to PFOA in kitchenware. On May 12, 2006, a class action suit was submitted in the United States District Court situated in Des Moines, Iowa.

The basis of the match is the claims that DuPont understood of the damage exposure to PFOA might create which the PFOA in Teflon can come to be hazardous when the cookware got to particular temperatures that are conveniently possible on a home stovetop. The suit likewise affirms that along with having this knowledge, DuPont continuously existed to the general public as well as government in claiming that Teflon was safe. The plaintiffs in the class action legal action are asking the Court to:

1. develop a fund to attend to the independent research study of the unsafe effects of Teflon
2. immediately discontinue the manufacture as well as circulation of Teflon
3. to change or compensate the proprietor of any kind of Teflon covered item, and
4. to offer cautioning labels showing the potential damaging impacts of Teflon.

However, regardless of the many allegations raised in the suit and also the relief that has actually been requested, the claim does not allege that anyone has actually become ill or that the PFOA in the Teflon has actually ever made any individual unwell, the essence of the claim is that the potential for injury might exist.
The legal action also affirms that DuPont has actually concealed paperwork that deals with the unsafe results of the PFOA in Teflon. While the suit does not define a specific buck quantity, it has actually been estimated that the fit, if effective, can set you back DuPont in excess of $5 billion.

DuPont has actually long contended and also remains to keep the position that Teflon has a tested 40 year track record and that it is safe and also non-harmful. DuPont will certainly be submitting a solution reacting to the accusations consisted of in the grievance. As the fit has actually been filed as a class action, the Plaintiff’s will be saying that it should be licensed as a class [a class action can not be kept without judicial qualification] consequently giving the lawyers in the case the ability to say in support of possibly millions of customers and also to likewise argue as well as present evidence that they might have been harmed with their use Teflon as well as Teflon coated items. DuPont has actually made it clear that they will certainly combat accreditation as a class action for these claims.

On DuPont’s web site there is a lengthy introduction of Teflon and also PFOA. On the website, DuPont has actually offered a basis for what will likely be the basis of any type of defense in the event in that they state that independent researches have continuously revealed that no noticeable degrees of PFOA could be found in two independent studies. The web site goes on to explain that when the USA Food and Drug Administration performed testing that, under non-standard and also abusive conditions, just minute degrees of PFOA could be located. On their websites, DuPont also mentions that the American Heart Organization recommends cooking with non-stick cookware.

A fast search on Google for near any kind of variation of “DuPont,” “legal action,” and also “Teflon” provides greater than 60,000 outcomes. Most of the outcomes are current news articles focused on not just the current lawsuit that has actually been filed seeking government class action standing for countless complainants, however also the prior DuPont suit where the class cleared up over PFOA presumably found in the Ohio River. Too, you will locate a variety of web sites installed by attorneys seeking to recruit participants of the class as well as likewise a number of sites focused on DuPont’s supposed reductions of paperwork revealing that PFOA is hazardous to the public and that hazardous exposure might happen as a result of exposure to the non-stick Teflon coated pots and pans. This case remains to acquire passion as a result of its possible lengthy reaching effect.

This instance is fairly interesting for a variety of reasons. Clearly, DuPont, having paid a lot of countless dollars to settle a suit related to PFOA direct exposure takes this matter fairly seriously as well as acknowledges the prospective exposure by way of this claim. The range as well as prospective impact of this case is perhaps among one of the most far reaching of any class action ever filed in the United States. There have been class actions in the past that have had a far reaching effect based upon the participants of the class; however, this Teflon instance has the prospective to reach also better– plainly into most of the homes in the USA.

Teflon, in its 40 year background has actually ended up being a mainstay of food preparation a lot to the point that societies’ heart friendly technique to food preparation as well as dieting often begins with a product of non-stick cooking equipment. As a result of this homes in which there are an absence of non-stick pots and pans will be at a minimum. It is an outcome of this that legal experts speculate that if the claim is successful and also DuPont is called for to change or make up the owners of Teflon coated non-stick pots and pans that the economic exposure could be upwards of $5 billion bucks. This fit will likely be recurring for a long time; nonetheless, there will certainly be numerous chances for the situation end. The very first of these events will quickly be taking place as the initial hearings in the issue will be focused on figure out whether the complainants will certainly be approved class action standing for their claims.…