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Paul Goldstein

E-mail: Paul Goldstein is a versatile senior executive with vast experience in the international arena, a career traversing diverse industries, and a proven track record in delivering seemingly impossible results. Whether he is providing a...

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Phil Midland

With over 20 years of experience in international affairs, particularly in Asia, Mr. Midland brings a professional awareness of East Asia -- its history, culture, economic, and political structure, inter-governmental relationships, and the experience of negotiating...

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Lanxin Xiang

EDUCATION Ph. D. (1990, with Distinction) European Studies and International Relations, SAIS, the Johns Hopkins University, Washington D.C., USA; Ph. D. Dissertation: Recasting the Imperial Far East, Britain and America in China (1945-1950); Ph. D. Dissertation...

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Jason David Labouyer

CITIZENSHIP: American A current master’s program student and former US-China Friendship Volunteer, I have over six years experience working and studying in the People’s Republic of China. EDUCATION Tsinghua University Master Program in Chinese Politics, Foreign Policy...

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Paolo Balmas

Analyst and Consultant Sound experience in sourcing, monitoring, customizing and localizing news on complex political, economic, environmental, international strategy, military and security dynamics in challenging contexts. Highly proficient in the provision of...

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